Don't just hear but listen details

Capture Skype Calls

Every important detail is recorded. Free your mind for important decisions. Give full attention to the job at hand

Save time (and money :)

Turns an ordinary conversation into an information resource. The best time-saving investment you have ever made

Find the evidence

Save not only the essence of the conversation, but also interlocutor’s tone and timbre of the voice. Feel the mood

Responsive Blog

Up to 3 Blog Layouts, Bootstrap 3 ready, responsive on all media devices

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Seamless integration with Skype

Auto record ON button

Auto record ON

Calls Recorder detects when audio/video calls begin and start automatically recording. So you do not need to enable Skype API.


Record all incoming and outgoing sounds

Calls Recorder captures Skype calls or any sound coming through a microphone, speakers or played by an external device.
Start Recording button

Start Recording


Organize your memory

My Records button

My Records

Calls Recorder helps in capturing all the details and store the same way as voice note do for your future reference. All your recorded files are in order and easy to find.


And even more…

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Released: October 15, 2014
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